Meyer Therapeutics

 I started seeing Katleen around 2010 for a back problem which had bothered me for years and you swiftly resolved. Within a year I fell pregnant with my second child. After a very difficult first labour involving much intervention (posterior, long birth), I was understandably anxious about having a repeat performance. I saw Katleen several times for abdominal massage in the weeks before Sam was born and when it happened the experience was amazing. Quick, stress-free labour, with a lot of joking and laughing. The recovery was amazing too. The birth was so relaxed and swift, if I remember correctly he was born en-caul.

Over the years I've seen Katleen I've also recommended many family, friends and patients to her (at the time I was working as a pharmacist locally). As a health practitioner I felt very comfortable doing this, knowing and trusting her extensive training, skill and manner.

Katleen is exceptional, always prioritising further learning and training, to the benefit of her patients. she listens and responds. She know when to refer. She problem solves. She heals. She cares.

F D Vic Registered Pharmacist

Being a writer and author of two memoirs and one autobiography, I like to get to the core issue of things. So when my body showed signs of discomfort I initially sought the services of a Bowen practitioner. Katleen offered so much more. As Hippocrates said, 'All disease begins in the gut"... and this is where Katleen focuses her attention. Through her attainment of qualifications in Maya Abdominal Therapy, which she acquired in America and years of practice and experience, Katleen has alleviated and dissolved everything from poor digestion, tight muscles, and deep emotional issues to ease me through the first and second stages of menopause. Katleen has assisted me to transform my life, from feeling up and down to embracing joy. I have no hesitation in recommending her thorough services to get to the root issue of any ailment. 

Leanda Michelle Author

Katleen gave me lasting and long term relief, using her wealth of knowledge in a range of techniques. Her approach was comprehensive and highly effective. Katleen would identify key areas, their possible cause, followed by specific treatment that efficiently released the tension. I would often hold my emotions in my abdomen, which were absolved with her Maya treatment. This helped me to manage my food tolerance symptoms more easily too. Through regular appointments, I could see that I was able to become a better version of myself. I would feel relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered to fully embrace my life. I literally felt taller when I left sessions with Katleen and often had to raise my rear view mirror in my car, on the way home. I love that she taught me techniques that I continue to use at home.

D Golemac Teacher

I was recommended by a reliable source who knew a practitioner who was a Bowen Therapist and was also very good with abdominal massage which interested me as for many years I suffered from digestive problems together with anxiety and tension, this impacted on my body.

Not knowing anything about Bowen therapy, I was very happy with the results of Katleen’s expertise in massage and her extensive knowledge of the body. With this in mind, I felt my husband needed a ‘tune-up’ and him being a sceptic (with anything to do with alternative medicine) and suffering from sore shoulders, back and leg pain I managed to persuade him to see Katleen.

Four years later with regular visits over the years our bodies are more supple and flexible compared to the people we know of our age (70’s) thanks to Katleen who not only turned out to be very conscious of our needs but also a trusted friend.

S Pec Vic

"After a horse riding fall as a child, I had chronic numbness and restriction of movement in my neck. Katleen's therapy got rid of these symptoms for me at last!"

Patricia A.

"Having been a panel beater all my life, I have heaps of trouble with RSI in my arms. Regular therapy from Katleen eases this enormously and allows me to carry on working."

Rod S.

"Working at a computer all day every day has given me chronic back and shoulder pain. Katleen's treatments give me tremendous relief."

Peta K.

"I suffered back and shoulder pain during my pregnancy. Katleen was very knowledgeable about how pregnancy can affect your joints and muscles and always ensured I was comfortable and safe during the treatments, even towards the end of my pregnancy"

Laney G.

"Katleen Meyer worked on my lymphatic system and I was amazed that after just a few of her treatments I felt such a difference. My body felt as if it was functioning more freely again and as a result I was able to maintain good health throughout the winter months when many people became ill with viruses. Katleen has a unique approach to tuning the body, maximising the body's ability to re-establish and maintain a neutral balance in health and wellbeing."

Sina S.

"Thank you for the amazing work you have performed on my recurrent back and neck pain. I also didn't realise just how much tension I was carrying around with me between 'episodes' until it was gone. Now I feel both physically and emotionally released and in control."

Fairlie T.

"A few months ago I experienced RSI for the second time in my life. Last time I had to take several weeks off work to recover. This time treatments from Katleen have meant that, not only has my arm improved tremendously, but I have been able to work throughout the recovery period. Vital for me as I work in a computer related field. Her work on my neck and shoulders have also considerably lessened the tension I normally experiemce after an eight hour day on a computer.  
Katleen, your treatments have made a huge difference for me. Thank you!"

Barbara B.